Mantra Evolution (feat. Russell Brand)

Kamari & Manvir

Mantra Evolution is a Divine living energy of Spiritual euphoria, Conscious Dance Music made from the heart for the Collective heart.

The album ‘Mantra Evolution’ Feat. Russell Brand, by Kamari & Manvir, offers the ultimate Conscious Clubbing experience. Intertwining Sacred Mantra and spoken word with upbeat electronic grooves, Kamari & Manvir are creating a unique wave of dance music. Introducing the all-new genre ‘Lite House’, encapsulating Mantra with crisp clear synthesis, funky beats and vibrant energy, which keeps the heart open and the body moving, making it the perfect album for a positive summer high.

This Album is recorded in 432hz. 432hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe. It vibrates with the universes golden mean phi and unifies the properties of light, space, matter, gravity and magnetism within biology, the dna code and consciousness.

Russell Brand is a British comedian, moderator, singer and actor. The awakened mind of Russell Brand is living inspirational faith in the effectiveness of Yoga, Meditation and Mantra as a daily practice. The tracks that feature Russell Brand are Kundalini Yoga Mantra’s as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Kamari & Manvir’s last Album ‘Aquarian Technology’ exclusively featured Yogi Bhajan’s teachings elegantly fused with a variety of electronic music.

Mantra in translation means instrument of the mind, Mantra’s are powerful words or sounds repeated mentally or out loud to aid concentration in meditation. The embodiment of Mantra over energetic dance music offers the listener an unparalleled upliftment resonating more powerfully than any substance-based experience ever could.

Russell Brands journey from darkness to light is a reflection of many peoples’ lives including Kamari & Manvir’s, who are also undertaking a daily Kundalini Yoga practise in these times.

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