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Shakti's Grace

by Kamari & Manvir

Released 2016
Akashik Recordings
Released 2016
Akashik Recordings
A Masterpiece of Musical Devotion - this Sacred and Deeply Meditative collection of Magical Bij Mantra's soothes the listener into the inner dimensions of the Self.
'Shakti's Grace' guides the listener to an awakening of the deepest essence of their Soul. The heartfelt vocal melodies are elegantly decorated with a rich tapestry of traditional Indian instrumentals, which were recorded by local musicians, in the Sacred Meditation Cave of Siddha Ashram, Ujjain, India.

Kamari & Manvir were gifted this sequence of most sacred Bij Mantra by Swami Nardanand, a profound, true and Enlightened Siddha Master. Swami Nardanand emanates a deep resonance of pure Love and Peace, he is a divine expression of our true eternal nature; that which resides in the heart of all beings; that which is eternal divine Grace.

The sublime melodies were divinely channelled by Manvir within the deeply Meditative surroundings of Arunachala Mountain, Tamil Nadu. It is a most wonderful and auspicious Blessing too, that the recording of this Sacred Album took place in Ujjain during Kumbha Mela, the largest Spiritual gathering on Earth.

All proceeds from the Album will fund the building and running costs of 'Siddha Academy', a School for 150 deprived Children in Ujjain, India.

May Shakti's Love and Grace guide you to be all that you were born to be.... and to be all that you may ever Dream yourself into being.... In Love and Gratitude - Kamari & Manvir

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