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Kundalini Technology

by Kamari & Manvir

Released 2013
Akashik Recordings
Released 2013
Akashik Recordings
An eclectic blend of Kundalini Yoga Mantra's and Sacred Sanskrit elegantly fused with upbeat electronic grooves
Akashik Recordings is proud to present Kamari & Manvir's Debut Album Kundalini Technology.

Kundalini Technology is a musical project that derived from the modern DJ-scene. The experienced and creative Disc-Jockey /Producer Kamari, sound wizard for ambient sounds and grooves in the best tradition of House, Lounge and Chill-Out music, together with female Musician/Singer Manvir comes out with a totally new sound as a base for chilling Kundalini Mantra Chants.

Relaxed, groovy and with a juicy portion of chill-out and ambient-trance elements, Kundalini Technology introduces a new genre of spiritual mantra music: transcendent, floating sounds, airy keyboards and easy-going, modern beats together with Manvir’s fluorescent mantra-chants amalgamate into a new kind of sound-and mantra-experience.

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